Why Kinky For Ag Commissioner?

"Is it good for Texas?  Do we want to secede, or do we want to lead?"

Kinky Friedman is an old-time, blue dog, Harry Truman-style candidate who will fight for the people of the great state of Texas.

Kinky wants to end the prohibition on the medical and personal use of marijuana in Texas.  Further, Kinky intends to restore hemp as a top cash crop in Texas, much as it was until its prohibition almost a century ago.  He intends to clearly show that legalizing pot is a states' rights issue, as well as a rural development issue, an education funding issue, a water conservation issue, a health care issue, and a criminal justice issue. 
It will affect every Texan.

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End The Prohibition On Marijuana

• We are losing the war on drugs

• Legalization means a boon to the economy

• Fund education through taxation/regulation of marijuana

• Medical marijuana really works

• Texans, above all, covet personal freedoms


Promote The Cultivation Of Hemp

• Hemp conserves water 

• Hemp is more profitable than cotton

• Hemp is environmentally friendly

• Hemp is good for the air we breathe

What To Do About Water

• Water conservation on the state level needs more cohesion 

• More investment is needed in harvesting water 

• More research must be funded to advance desalination

• An indigenous environment uses less water

Family Farms, Organic Farming, School Gardens, School Lunches

The redefining of the family farm and the erosion 

• Organic farming

• Bring gardens to the children


• With border crossings currently at zero net migration

• We need to create worker guest passes/visas that don’t discourage

• Instead of focusing only on the illegal immigrants

• Law enforcement agencies need to work together

Feral Hogs 

• Feral hogs are a food industry waiting to happen 


Monday, April 14, 2014 1:29 AM

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